Frequently Asked Questions

1. Supadex is a self-adhesive clear extruded EVA (Ethylene vinyl acetate) deck grip available in sheets, strips and rolls which does not hide your colourfully sprayed surfboard or your sponsors logos.

2. Supadex when wet gives you a safe and secure deck grip experience.

3. Supadex is non-abrasive, and has a non-abrasive feel.

4. No surfboard wax melted residues on your car seat, board racks or cover.

5. No wax needed.

6. Supadex has been tested in the cold waters of Japan’s winter.

7. Supadex has been tested in Western Australia’s wild conditions.

8. Bare chest board short trials of Supadex gave a thumbs up no rash experience.

9. Clean grime from Supadex with mild temperature non toxic soapy water and rinse.

10. Supadex gives you a secure grip to your surfboard deck.

11.Supadex can be use with any brand of back foot tail pad.

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