Old traditions. New solutions.

Every surfer has been through the rituals of waxing, scraping and rewaxing their board - how good is fresh traction, right? But does every surfer also know how harmful that wax can be on their local beaches? Most don't! Plus, who finds waxing fun anyway?

In the waters of Australia's Central Coast, a local surfer dreamed of a day where the headaches of wax could be washed away once and for all. That dream turned into a research project, a tinkering here and there, and then all of a sudden, Supadex was born. A series of effective one-and-done traction pads for all marine surfaces. Worried about covering up that sick drawing on your board? Worry not, because Supadex is also stylishly clear!

A shed and a dream

They say that all big dreams start in a little backyard shed. Well, we say that anyway. In this case, it was Michael's shed.

With a lifetime of competitive surfing under his belt and decades working as a professional mariner, Michael jumped on the tools, and waves, to perfect the Supadex formula.

Supadex has now grown from a shed and a dream, to a solution loved by surfers all over Australia.