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0.45mm x 24 Strips Marine EVA

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400 x 100mm
Marine self-adhesive EVA (Ethylene-vinyl acetate) clear deck grip strips. 24 self-adhesive 10cm x 40cm strips designed for surf life-saving club craft, jet skis, tinnies and marine slip areas in all ocean temperatures. Easy to apply and after 24 hours ready to use.


Marine self adhesive EVA clear deck grip sheets 24 of 10cm x 40cm

Care Instructions

Follow application instructions found on the back of the package.

Step 1. Ensure deck is clean & dry.

Step 2. Lightky sand deck & remove dust.

Step 3. Tape & measure each panel.

Step 4. Secure panel, draw your rail line and cut out.

Step 5. Flip & trace.

Step 6. Apply Panels starting from the tail up.

Step 7. Peel backing away and smooth onto deck.

Step 8. Wait 24 hours before use.