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0.45mm Marine Roll 1m x 18m

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Marine self-adhesive EVA 18m clear deck grip sheet.

Easy to apply and ready to use after 24 hours. Ultra-thin 0.45mm UV stable super lightweight.

Australian Owned and Designed, West Australian Tested. 


Marine self-adhesive EVA clear deck grip sheets 1 of 1m x 18 m.

Care Instructions

Step 1. Ensure deck is clean & dry.

Step 2. Lightly sand deck & remove dust.

Step 3. Tape & measure each panel.

Step 4. Secure panel, draw your rail line and cut out.

Step 5. Flip & trace.

Step 6. Apply Panels starting from the tail up.

Step 7. Peel backing away and smooth onto deck.

Step 8. Wait 24 hours before use.