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0.9mm x 2 Longboard Nose Deck EVA Performance Range

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Clear 0.9mm EVA soft grip experience
No more dirty wax on your nose

Nose Deck is for nose riding on long and fun surfboards.

The soft 0.9mm transparent EVA grip experience is slip free and saves slipping on poorly waxed area. Just wash with soapy water and rinse any grimy residue.

Perfect for the travel experience and reliable grip to Hang Ten.  Supadex Surf - Welcome to the New Era 🏄🏼‍♀️



Marine self-adhesive EVA clear deck grip sheets 1 of 1m x 18 m.

Care Instructions

Step 1. Ensure deck is clean & dry.

Step 2. Lightly sand deck & remove dust.

Step 3. Tape & measure each panel.

Step 4. Secure panel, draw your rail line and cut out.

Step 5. Flip & trace.

Step 6. Apply Panels starting from the tail up.

Step 7. Peel backing away and smooth onto deck.

Step 8. Wait 24 hours before use.